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Xi Jinping: Deepening South - South Cooperation to Build "BRIC +" Mode

Xiamen, 5 September, at noon on the 5th, Chinese President Xi Jinping met with reporters, a comprehensive introduction to the ninth BRIC leaders meeting results. Xi Jinping said that deepening South-South cooperation, to create "BRIC" model, the establishment of extensive partnership to create an open and diverse development partner network.
Xi Jinping said that the dialogue with other market countries and developing countries, which is the fine tradition of the BRIC countries, in the current situation, has a more important significance, the Chinese side of the emerging market countries and developing countries dialogue Issued a strong signal of deepening South-South cooperation and global development cooperation. The leaders of the countries attending the dialogue agreed that emerging markets and developing countries had a good momentum of development and should play a greater role in implementing the 2030 sustainable development agenda and improving global economic governance. Deepen the South-South cooperation, build "BRIC" model, establish a wide range of partnerships, build an open and diverse development partner network, hand in hand out of an innovative, coordinated, green, open and shared sustainable development. In order to promote world economic growth, to achieve common development of countries to inject more positive energy.

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