Anping SanQi steel fibers concrete application in tunnel

      Anping SanQi Steel fiber is made of steel fiber, and cut off the steel wire, and in accordance with the provisions of styles pressed into both ends of the hook, with a certain strength.
    Steel fibers are mainly used in the manufacture of steel fiber reinforced concrete, and used in the tunnel, in areas such as industrial floor. Anping SanQi Steel fiber reinforced concrete is the mixture material of adding the steel fiber into the hardened viscous cement mortar, a mixture material formed by mixing. Steel fiber reinforced concrete in the redistribution of stress, and inhibits the formation and spread of cracks, making it able to maintain the residual stress in the crack and more flexible steel fiber reinforced concrete.
   Compared with steel wire mesh, steel fiber reinforced concrete advantages are: better control curing shrinkage, increase the spacing of joints; the fibers are uniformly distributed, structural section to obtain homogeneous enhancement in its thickness; no need to cut or laying the mesh, thus saving construction time and costs; no need to cover the net surface plus a protective layer to reduce the thickness of the concrete.

     Application of steel fiber reinforced concrete on the tunnel project: a temporary lining under without a template, the project requires initial support of the case, it can be used as a temporary steel fiber reinforced concrete lining, which has the following advantages: Increased toughness; reduce shrinkage cracks; improve safety : No need to do manual welding mesh; to reduce the harm dome collapse or malfunction caused by accident; and reducing the thickness of the lining sprayed; shorten the construction time tunnel lining.

   Under permanent support when there is only a little the concrete tensile stress, or without the use of conventional steel reinforcement, in the case,steel fiber reinforced concrete can be used to permanently support the project, which has the following advantages: no reinforcement depth, reducing the thickness of the sprayed lining ; harm reduction dome collapse accident, caused by failure; reduce shrinkage cracks; reduce permeability; improve safety.

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