Different types gabion lifetime

The gabion is a kind of woven through mechanical hexagonal mesh; it is widely used in revetment slope control and guides the rivers and other water conservancy projects, in order to achieve the requirements,Anping San QI wire mesh remind everyone must pay attention to several aspects . Gabion box’s strength and service life is impacted by the woven raw materials - low carbon steel wire and weaving method etc.  Low carbon steel wire of the wire diameter of a direct impact on its strength, mesh is thick, the greater the strength of stone cage net, and vice versa. We all know that low carbon steel wire is easy to rust in the natural environment, the surface anti-corrosion treatment is particularly important, this is a factor that affect the price of the stone cage nets, stone cage net surface treatment of mild steel wire used for general processing ways, Anping San Qi Wire Mesh will give you a brief introduction.
1)Cold galvanized gabion mesh: galvanized zinc content is low, easy to rust, but the price is cheap, the service life of the general about three and a half years.
2)Hot dip galvanized gabion mesh:  the large amount of zinc, zinc layer thickness, good corrosion resistance, and service life in more than 20 years.
3)Hot galvanizing + plastic coated stone cage nets: on the basis of the hot galvanizing, surface in a layer of PE/PVC, reduced the direct contact with the environment, greatly increase the service life.
4)Silicone gabion: after galvanizing, surface coated silicon rubber, the material can be combined with low carbon steel wire closer, better than PE/PVC, use fixed number of year than package of PE/PVC stone cage nets

5)Zinc+10% Al gabion: This gabion has strong adhesion, abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance to be better than high zinc gabion, construction performance superior characteristics. Its service life is the longest, can reach more than 80 years.

Hexagonal stone cage weaving is generally three twisted. There are five twisted cage, the five twisted method is stronger than the three twisted one, can withstand greater tensile strength, relative to the price of three twisted to a little expensive, if need five lime stone cage net, explain in advance.Anping Sanqi Wire Mesh for everyone to answer all the questions about the gabion box. Please contact Anping Sanqi Wire Mesh if you need.

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