Anping SanQi steel fiber reinforced concrete wear-resistance floor

1. Application projects: warehouses, factories, parking lots, warehouse-style shopping malls and other ground concrete projects.
2. On-site implementation of the program
This project is a new creation accessories factory plant wear-resistant surface engineering of steel fiber reinforced concrete, according to design documentation requirements, ground engineering structures are: prime soil compaction in layers; 100 thick gravel pad, 200 thick C25 Anping SanQi steel fiber reinforced concrete pad; 3mm thick surface layer of aggregate wear special mixing channel part of the wear ring support resin coating
3. Before laying gravel cushion, the grassroots should be dealed first, including: clean, smooth, rolling. For equipment base perimeter, independent foundation roots and enclosure wall corner should be used artificial compaction. Grass soil compaction factor should ensure that more than 0.9, and after laboratory sampling testing, showing ground compaction factor test report card
4. The selection of material requirements: gravel hard, uniform strength, graded appropriately and unweathered stone, a particle size of 5-40mm, the maximum particle size is not more than stone 67mm, and before entering the test chamber to make material entering the re-examination, It can be used in the construction.
5. The construction elements of the project: gravel cushion 100mm thick, 120mm thick smoothing according to the size of the particles to be uniform Consistent, uniform thickness. 5-25mm fine gravel surface layer using caulking. Before compacting gravel surface water to keep it moist appropriate, a large area with vibratory roller compacted (three times over), local use of artificial compaction, compaction ensure the smooth surface, solid, stable and not loose.
6. flatness tolerance requirements: 15mm; elevation requirements: ± 20mm; thickness requirements: some places no more than 10cm;
7. steel fiber reinforced concrete cushion construction
7.1 Material Requirements cement: the 32.5 slag cement (bulk); sand: The sand, mud content of not more than 3%; stones: the gravel with particle size of 1 ~ 3mm, clay content is not more than 2 %, steel fiber: Anping SanQi steel fibers. Steel fiber length: 60mm, diameter: 0.75mm, aspect ratio: 80, tensile strength: more than 1100MPA; toughness required value greater than 0.5, the water-melt glue bond rows, ends hook, ash per cubic meter of concrete plus 15 kg steel fibers
7.2 Mechanical require mixing concrete mixing station, to pumping, smoothing machine vibration smoothing, local use vibrators vibrators.
 7.3 construction process into segments - support provided template - pouring concrete - smoothing Compaction - conservation - reduced joint treatment

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