Non-metallic wear-resistant industrial flooring construction

Non-metallic wear-resistant industrial flooring construction

This work is specified by the construction unit specializing in sub-teams responsible for the construction. Specific recommendations construction program as follows:

1.After concrete pouring 3-5 hours, the initial setting of the concrete surface without bleeding, then hand-ray disc overall slurry Spreading .

2. After slurry Spreading, spreading non-metallic wear-resistant aggregate, amount per cubic meter shop 3kg.

3. After abrasive moist, frustration and compaction with the disc, sprinkle again the wear-resistant material used per square meter 2kg, to make the surface uniform.

4. After second Spreading wear-resistant material moist, using the disc to repeatedly compact the surfaces until wear-resistant material compacted to the initial setting level.

5. After the initial set of the surface, trowelling with the wiping knife, repeat steps 3-4 times to smooth the surface hardening.

6.The second day after wear-resistant surface construction finished,the templates can be removed, to clean up immediately the removal template, ready for construction next link.

7.  maintenance after concrete pouring 24 hours, covering the sawdust-covered to prevent the hydration heat evaporation of water and control the water, so as to achieve maintenance goals.

8.slotted in accordance with the requirements of design documents and construction units, set Ge surface transverse joints, longitudinal joints, transverse joints and longitudinal joints are located along the axis of the disposal site in Ge. In addition, according to the actual situation in and around the corners of the pillars provided slotted disposal. When concrete Construction, a construction according to a longitudinal, located between each of Ge concrete construction joints, construction joints located on the axis (pitch axis 7m), so cut construction joints in concrete longitudinal seam. Longitudinal joints and transverse joints as is the practice, are perpendicular to the direction of the concrete pouring slit with a cutter. Slit the time of the concrete compressive strength 6 ~ 10MPa.

According to experience, the construction this time is in the concrete maintenance of the season usually after 3 days ,it can be slotted construction. Because premature moving would damage the seam edge: if too late,the kerf will be difficult and prone to irregular seam at both ends of cracking. Thus, before the official cutting, it should be tried to cut a slit , grasping the right time for lancing work. To do as following: poping up the the ink lines on proposed slitting wear-resistant surface layer, well installing Rail frame, positioning the cutting sewing machine, start cutting and sewing machine, turn on the water lubrication, rotating turret handle, slow feed, a 3mm thick diamond saw kerf, so that the blade design first reaches deep seam, then tighten the screws, lock screw and start walking, thereby forming a 3.5mm wide slot.

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