Channel Regulation Project of Water Course along Jingjiang River

Jingjiang River Project, the middle stream of Changjiang River, starts at Changmenxi and ends at Xiongjiazhou, with total length of 280.5km. The Grade-I water course [3.5m(depth)X150m(breadth)X1000m(bending radium)], has the service rate of 98%. The construction mainly includes the rectification of 9 reaches (including 13 shoals) such as Zhijiang--Jiangkou, Taipingkou water course, Douhudi water course, Zhoutian reach, Ouchikou water course, Nianziwan water course, Laijiapu water course, Yaojianda reach, Tiepu—Xiongjiazhou reach by constructing 34 beach protection belts, 6 dams, 3 deep-channel protection belts, 39.32km high beach conservation, and consolidating 20.58km bank. Our company provides gabions for the constructor--Changjiang Water Course Bureau (Section II) to be used as the T-shaped dam to narrow the river bed and change the direction of the water course.  

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