Channel Regulation Project of Nanchuan River in Shanxi

As the largest branch of Taohe River, Nanchuan River originates in Duanling Village of Pingding County and joins Taohe River at Luanliu Village, with total length of 38.6km, covering an area of 507km2. The project involves the water course from Wukuangqiao to Nanchanshi Village, 8.5km in length. The project will handle the largest flood in 20 years, protecting the 28.7 thousand residents and 14.36 thousand mu of crop land in 19 villages along the river. Our company has supplied gabions to construct the river bank.  

In November, 2011Our company signed the contract to supply gabion to contractors of the water system, Hebei Zhongbang Construction Co.,Ltd(Section IV) and Shanxi Hutong Group (Section V), 5.5km and 11km respectively. The contract was fulfilled in October of 2011 when the project was completed. 

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